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We are a furniture manufacturer. We supply furniture packages and custom made furniture in Bulgaria. We offer high quality and competitively priced furniture. Our furnishing solutions are functional, elegant and will last a long time.


Furniture Packages In Bulgaria

The furniture packages we offer are suitable for all investors' needs.
budget furniture packages

Budget Furniture Packages

Our budget furniture packages are aimed at clients who are looking to quickly furnish their apartment or house in Bulgaira, making it suitable for rental as well as personal use. This range is also ideal for small rooms as it offers various storage options.

Studio - €2789
One Bedroom - €3599
Two Bedroom - €5299


lifestyle furniture packages

Lifestyle Furniture Packages

Our lifestyle furniture packages are aimed at clients who want furniture for personal use and rental at the same time. This furniture is all about beautiful, intricate detail. Timeless and elegant. Crafted from the highest quality materials and hand painted in off white colour. Slow motion mechanims on all hinges and drawers.

Studio - €3699
One Bedroom - €4599
Two Bedroom - €6899


hardwood furniture packages

Hardwood Furniture Packages

Our hardwood furniture packages are made from solid oak. This furniture will make your Bulgarian property feel more like a home without a heavy price tag. Great value for money. Comes with a variety of finishes.

Studio - €4599
One Bedroom - €5999
Two Bedroom - €8799


Awesome work makes happy clients.

The section below will help you get a better idea of the products that come with our furniture packages.
custom furniture solution

Custom Furniture Solution

In this apartment we have amended some of the products from our lifestyle furniture package. We can do the same for you!

sofa bed and coffee table

Sofa Bed & Coffee Table

Here you can see the sofa bed and coffee table that come with our budget furniture packages.

hardwood dressing table

Dressing Table

This is the dressing table that comes with our hardwood furniture packages.



Our kitchens are well designed and high quality. If you need a kitchen we can take measurements and price it.

memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Our great memory foam mattresses come with every furniture package.

exceptionally comfortable sofas

Comfortable Sofas

Our sofas are exceptionally comfortable. They are produced from high quality polyurethane carefully placed into a cover of high quality fabric or leather.

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